Prevent your child from making in app purchases

How to stop your child making in-app purchases

Apps are excellent tools for learning, but how can you prevent your child from making in-app purchases? We share some tips

Apps are a great way to learn through play, but how to stop your child making in-app purchases? Even people who make free apps are hoping to make money from them, and many do this by offering in-app purchases.

You can turn these off in a variety of ways, depending on the app. Within a game, you can find how to do this in the settings menu (look for a ‘cog’ icon), or you can create a password that means your child won’t be able to buy anything without your knowledge (obviously that will only work as long as you keep the password a secret). You can also restrict in-app purchases at device level.

Ofcom has produced a series of video guides designed to show how to stop your child making in-app purchases on a variety of popular phones and tablets. You can find the video guides online at

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