Parental controls for your computer

Parental controls for your: computer

Whether you use a Windows or Apple-based system, setting up controls on your computer is easier than you think

Do you know how to set up parental controls on your computer? Mac OS X and Windows both include parental controls that allow you to set time limits for your child’s use and restrict access to certain types of content. In both operating systems, parents can set up user accounts for each member of the family with their own unique passwords and then tailor the controls and restrictions to the age and maturity of their child.


Windows 10 offers access controls, time limits and activity reports, including reports on the websites, apps and games your child uses. You can set up individual user accounts with different age-appropriate controls. Earlier versions also offer controls but the set-up process differs.

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Mac OS X

Parental controls on your Mac let you add a ‘managed user’ so you can limit your child’s access to age-appropriate websites and apps, determine who they are allowed to contact via Mail, Messages and Game Center, set time limits and block use of the computer’s built-in camera.

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