Choosing a strong password

5 tips for a creating a strong password

Setting a password can be baffling – especially if you have to create many across multiple devices. These steps can help
  1. Create a different strong password for each account. If you use the same one for multiple accounts, they’re all vulnerable if one is hacked.
  2. Using a random combination of at least eight letters (both upper and lower case), numbers and symbols makes it much harder for would-be hackers. The Home Office’s Cyber Streetwise campaign suggests the strongest password consists of three random words: “Numbers and symbols can still be used if needed. However, three random words is the key to a strong password.”
  3. Never use personal information such as your name, whole words, or sequential patterns such as 1234.
  4. Regularly update your recovery email address so you can be easily contacted if you need to reset your password. You can also add a phone number to receive password reset codes by text. Ensure that the answers to any security questions you create are things that only you know.
  5. Keep your passwords secure. Don’t leave them lying around on a Post-it note on your desk.

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