Safety controls on search engines

Setting SafeSearch on search engines means that the majority of sexually explicit videos and images will be filtered from search results, along with results that may link to explicit content. It isn’t 100% reliable, but it’s useful if you have a young child

Google’s SafeSearch setting enables you to filter out most adult content and get family-friendly results when searching the web. If an inappropriate search result gets through, you can report it to Google.

Restricted mode on YouTube performs a similar function to SafeSearch – both can be locked if you have a Google+ account. Remember that these are device-level settings, meaning you have to set them on each tablet, phone or computer your child uses.

You can find information about safety features on the Google search engine, YouTube, Google Play, Chrome, Hangouts and other Google services in the Google Safety Centre.

To find out more:

Other search engines offer their own safe search options, usually found under Settings or by clicking the gear icon.

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