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Safe mode on video-sharing, TV and film services

Lots of online services offer video, TV and movie content. Some use password and PIN combinations to restrict viewing, based on age ratings

Some allow separate profiles for younger users so they can only view child-friendly content (these work only if the adult chooses the password and PIN and keeps them secret). Some platforms have dedicated children’s versions, which only carry age-appropriate content. Look for the Just for Kids symbol.


YouTube’s Restricted mode helps to screen content you wouldn’t want your child to see. YouTube also offers YouTube Kids, specifically for children. It contains only age-appropriate videos and includes parental controls and a timer.

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BBC iPlayer

The Parental Guidance Lock lets you control what your child can access. The free BBC iPlayer Kids app contains age-appropriate content, such as CBeebies and CBBC, and a Safety Lock, and it has no in-app purchases or adverts. Since spring 2017, you need a password to access BBC iPlayer.

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There are four maturity levels in Netflix parental controls (Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens and Adults/All Maturity) to help you control what your child watches.

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Amazon Video and Amazon Prime

Amazon’s PIN feature lets you set purchase and viewing restrictions on each of your registered devices.

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Amazon also produces special child-friendly editions of its Fire tablet with special features for families.

Apple TV

Turn on Restrictions to manage access to app purchases, movies, multiplayer games and other content on your Apple TV.

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Sky TV

Using PIN-protected parental controls, you can restrict the content your child can watch on Sky TV. The Sky Kids app lets you set up a child profile with shows tailored to their age, and set time limits.

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TalkTalk TV Store

This has been integrated with the parental controls in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Safety features are also available in the Windows 8.1+ app.

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