Parental controls on your home internet

Most UK broadband providers offer free whole-home parental controls, which apply to any device that connects to your broadband via your home hub

Sky’s parental controls are turned on by default and you have to choose to turn them off. If you’re with one of the other broadband providers, you turn the controls on yourself. Contact your provider to find out how to do this, and bear in mind that these controls only work on your Wi-Fi network, not when you’re using 3G or 4G to get online. Find out more about parental controls on mobile devices 


Available to anyone with Vodafone Broadband, Vodafone parental controls are free and accessible from within your online account. They protect all devices connected to your Wi-Fi and prevent access to inappropriate online content, such as violence, gambling, and adult material, as well as to websites that contain viruses or malware.

Having set up parental controls from your account, you can use the Vodafone Broadband app to set up a family network to control your children’s access to Wi-Fi at home and set time limits. Go to Google Play or the App Store to download the Vodafone Broadband app for free.

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Sky Broadband Shield works on all devices connected to your Sky home broadband and comes at no extra cost.

You can customise your settings in three steps:

1. Choose a rating: PG, 13 or 18

2. Use the Watershed feature to set restrictions at certain times of the day

3. Add specific websites that you would like to block.

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BT Parental Controls let you manage internet access on all devices connected to your BT Home Hub and BT Wi-Fi hotspots (for example, cafés and other public spaces).

Available for free, they include strict, moderate and light filters, an option to restrict access to specific websites and a homework-time setting that blocks social media, gaming and homework cheat websites.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media Web Safe works on any device connected to your home Wi-Fi. Provided free in broadband packages, it lets you block websites that are unsuitable for younger users. In addition, you can install F-Secure SAFE on up to five devices to protect your children from inappropriate content, viruses, identity theft and malicious websites whether they are at home or out and about.

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TalkTalk’s HomeSafe works as a web filter to all devices connected to your TalkTalk router. The free package includes Kids Safe, which lets you block inappropriate sites you’d rather children didn’t see. You can also use it for Homework Time, restricting the hours they can go on certain websites, while Virus Alerts lets you browse safely.

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