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Keeping your children safe online

Find information on how to report and set privacy and parental controls on apps and online services.

Compiled by Vicky Prior, editor of Vodafone Digital Parenting website

Building digitally resilient children is a process that continues as your child grows. And, even though children are accessing the internet at an increasingly young age, there are tools to help take care of them until they are confident enough to take care of themselves. Use these links to find information about the apps and services your child is using, and how to contact the companies producing them if something goes wrong. All information will be available on the Digital Parenting  website with links to the providers’ websites.

We have covered some of the main features for each service but other safety and privacy settings may be available.

If your child is approached by an adult online who does any of the following, contact CEOP immediately:

  • Talks about sex or other types of sexual activity
  • Asks to meet them offline
  • Asks them to lie to their parents about their online relationship or hide it
  • Asks them to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable


If your child sees anything inappropriate or sexual on a live streaming service, they should report it to the app or website administrators. If they are the subject of inappropriate sexual contact or approach by another person, they should tell an adult they trust and report it immediately to CEOP at www.ceop.

Telling it like it is

As tech-savvy as children are, they’re often unaware of what they agree to in the T&Cs of apps and other services. To highlight this, Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner of England and Wales, had Instagram’s terms and conditions rewritten into child-friendly language by top law firm Schillings as part of its recent Growing up Digital report.

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