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Vodafone features to protect your family

Find out what Vodafone Secure Net and Vodafone Content Control can do for you

Vodafone Secure Net

Vodafone Secure Net protects you and your family against harmful websites and viruses that could damage your mobile data and devices, steal your data or cause you to lose personal content like photos, music and videos.

You can also block inappropriate websites by age on your child’s device and restrict mobile use to certain times of the day.

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Vodafone Content Control

Vodafone Content Control prevents access to online content and services rated 18+ on Vodafone’s mobile network.

Content Control is in place on all devices Vodafone offers.

The age-restricted content bar only works on Vodafone’s mobile network, not on Wi-Fi, and proof of age (18+) is required if you wish to remove it from your device.

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