3 apps to help manage your child’s screen time

Do you want to help your child balance their time on and off devices? These three great apps could help

Vodafone broadband

Vodafone Broadband

Android/iOS (Free)

Vodafone Home Broadband customers can set up a family network to control who uses broadband and when. It can be used to tailor access for each family member, including when children can go online.

Flipd app


Android/iOS (Free)

This hides distracting social media apps and games on your child’s device for a period of time of your choice so they can stay focused and uninterrupted, but are still able to look up information online for homework.

Glued app


iOS (Free)
Coming soon to Android

Designed by parents who were frustrated by the amount of time their son spent online, Glued helps families reduce screen time by rewarding those who abstain with points, like a digital version of a real-world star chart.

(Both Flipd and Glued are free but offer in-app purchases ranging from £0.79 to £4.99)

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