Parental controls for web browsers

Parental controls for your: web browser

Here’s how the parental controls in three of the most popular web browsers can help you monitor your child’s online activity

Parental controls for your home internet

Parental controls for your: home internet

Different internet service providers each have unique ways to set up parental controls. We explain the basics for five ISPs here

Parental controls for your computer

Parental controls for your: computer

Whether you use a Windows or Apple-based system, setting up controls on your computer is easier than you think

Protectng your child's eye health

How to protect your child’s eye health

Dr Nigel Best, clinical spokesperson for Specsavers, shares the best steps you can take in safeguarding your child’s eye health

Games ratings explained

Games ratings explained for parents

Just like films and DVDs, many games have age ratings. Gianni Zamo from the Games Rating Authority explains why they matter

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