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Using tech to enjoy the great outdoors

Do you worry that your children spend too much time online? Gary Crossing explains how the Scouts' new initiative can help kids to use their gadgets better

The Scouts’ Digital Manifesto consists of six clear, concise rules (see below) to encourage young people to use tech outdoors to complement their offline life in a safe, creative, responsible way – for example, videoing an outdoor adventure and uploading it to YouTube.

As part of the Scouts’ long-term partnership with Vodafone, the Digital Manifesto sits alongside the Scouts’ new ‘Digital Maker’ and ‘Digital Citizen’ staged-activity badges, launched in January 2016.

Alex Peace-Gadsby, Senior Scout Volunteer, says, “As a parent of two girls, both of whom are members of the Scout Movement, and as a volunteer myself, I know the importance of preparing young people for life. The Digital Manifesto outlines the importance of embracing new skills and using digital in a balanced and positive way. Our ‘Digital Maker’ and ‘Digital Citizen’ badges are hugely popular and have already been completed by over 30,000 members across the UK.”

Chief Scout and TV survival expert Bear Grylls is a fan of tech outdoors and the Digital Manifesto: “This will encourage hundreds of thousands of young people to develop a range of key digital skills, empowering them to have even greater adventures as well as helping them to stay safe online.

“Scouting is a worldwide force for good and, with Vodafone’s help, our young people will have the chance to use technology to make even more of a difference in their communities while also getting outdoors and active.”

The Scouts’ Digital Manifesto:

  1. Use digital to learn and embrace new skills. Learn about constellations and how they can be used in navigation alongside GPS.
  2. Share your adventures digitally and inspire others. Create a video of your outdoor adventures and share it on YouTube.
  3. Know when to switch off. Balance your screen time with outdoor activities.
  4. Use digital skills to support your family and community. Teach someone how to make and receive a video call
  5. Use digital to be creative. Make an animation to promote Scouting.
  6. Stay safe online and know the risks. Never share  personal details with strangers.

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