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Rise of the mummy and daddy blogger

Gary Crossing spoke to Alex Walsh (aka DaddaCool) – Britain’s premier parent blogger – to find out how mums and dads are sharing their adventures online

Q: Why did you start writing about your family online?

A: My wife started blogging a few years before me when she was on maternity leave with our first child. I joined in a couple of years later because I like creating things.

Q: Did you have any concerns before you started blogging?

A: From the start we had rules when it came to blogging. We don’t use the children’s real names (my daughter’s name isn’t Fifi) and we try to use photographs that don’t identify the kids or our location. That’s only fair in a world where digital footprints are becoming more and more relevant. Also, we don’t blog anything about the school as they don’t have a right to reply. I’ve seen other bloggers get into all sorts of scrapes with schools over what they’ve blogged about and I’ve no wish to experience that.

Q: Can someone make money from blogging?

A: I know some individuals who make many thousands of pounds a year from blogging – enough, in some instances, to leave their job and make a career out of it. I am unlikely to ever be able to make as much from blogging as I do from my day job, so it remains a hobby for me. Adding money to something often reveals a nasty underside, and I’m glad I’ve not had to go there.

Q: What does your family think?

A: My parents are generally bemused about the whole concept, and other people aren’t much better. We never feature pictures or video of extended family though. Just because we decide to have some aspects of our lives online doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect the privacy of others.

Q: What will you do if your children ask you to take down anything you’ve posted about them when they’re older?

A: My blog is about me, my wife and my kids. Without them, there would be no blog – so, without their permission, I wouldn’t post anything or leave something up that might adversely affect them.

You can read Alex’s blog at

How do some vloggers and bloggers make money?

  1. By charging people to mention their service or product on screen, or social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  2. By selling adverts on their website or YouTube channel. A vlogger can be paid every time somebody clicks on an ad displayed on one of their videos, or watches an ad for longer than 30 seconds.
  3. By being paid to make personal appearances.

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