Learn online safety through Story Time

Vodafone and Parent Zone have created characters to teach online safety to primary school children

Children are never too young to learn the importance of keeping safe online. While the advice they receive will vary depending on their age, it’s vital to teach them key messages as early as possible, in language they understand.

Which is why Vodafone is launching its new in-school initiative, Story Time, created with Parent Zone. As the name suggests, Story Time will involve volunteers visiting primary schools throughout the UK and reading pupils a specially written story about being safe and sensible online.

Stories are an important way of developing children’s interaction with the world, so combining such an important topic with an exciting narrative will help them learn about the challenges of the digital world in a fun and age-appropriate way.

Two stories have been written for the scheme, one for lower and one for upper-level primary school children, each delivering a crucial message relating to the online world. Teachers, parents and carers will be encouraged to support the messages, and make sure children know where to find help if they are ever in a tricky situation online.

The stories feature two main characters, Tommy the tablet and Sally the smartphone, and their owners, Annie and Angus. The devices are feeling under the weather because of something their owner has done online.

Each character’s ailment is different, allowing children to spot similar experiences they may have had online with their own devices.

The messages in the stories will encourage children to think about the potential effects of what they do online, and how to make things right if they’ve made a mistake. All in a fun and happy environment.

Meet the characters

Tommy the tablet

Tommy is a fun-loving, happy tablet who starts life in a lonely box before he is finally bought by a boy called Angus.

Sally the smartphone

Sally is a clever smartphone who loves helping others. Her best friend is Tommy and she will always confide in him if anything goes wrong.

You can share Tommy and Sally’s adventures by downloading the story at https://parentzone.org.uk/vodafone-story-time

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