cyber bullying

Online peer pressure and cyber bullying

Eleanor Levy, editor of Parent Info, the online advice and information service for schools, gives her strategies for dealing with negative online influences

Setting family technology rules

Setting family technology rules

Do you believe online safety should be a family effort? Three parents explain how they control their households’ technology and what their biggest challenges are

online controls children ages

Online controls for children of all ages

Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organisation, shares its strategies to ensure a safe and happy digital experience for children of all ages – from toddlers to teens

Is your family cyber?

Is your family cyber secure?

We share some of the top cyber security issues that both children and adults should be aware of – and provide useful tips to follow and stay safe online

Jobs for girls

Jobs for girls: a future in technology

Geraldine Bedell explores how the Stemettes’ science, technology, engineering and maths-related events help to inspire young women to join the tech industry

social media safety

How to use social media safely

Kate Medlin, a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, explains how you can help your teen to navigate the online world

Creating a strong password

5 tips for a creating a strong password

Setting a password can be baffling – especially if you have to create many across multiple devices. These steps can help

online abuse

Talk PANTS to prevent online abuse

Having a conversation about online sexual abuse will never be easy, but the NSPCC’s PANTS rule is a great way to start. These tips can help you get to grips with the approach

Reporting inappropriate content

How to report inappropriate content

Here’s how you can you report content that’s hateful or illegal, as well as unsuitable images or online contact with an adult

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